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Meet the Coaches

Photo of Cheryl Amyx

Cheryl Amyx is an award-winning executive, entrepreneur and certified Coach. Cheryl’s experience as an entrepreneur is an inspiration for many small and woman-owned businesses. Cheryl specializes in strategic planning, creative problem solving, program management and leadership development. She is currently a Board Advisor to George Mason's School of Business and holds an MS in information management. Please contact Cheryl at

Karen Beck Photo

Karen Beck provides executive and leadership coaching. She retired from a 30-year career with the Federal government and works with clients to build their confidence and strengthen their personal leadership skills. By identifying their inner values and exploring emotional intelligence responses, clients discover effective approaches for their challenges and build new approaches to translate vision and strategies into committed actions. Please contact Karen at

Candi Campbell

Candi Campbell, a retired federal officer, serves as a leadership and executive coach across the spectrum of emerging leaders through the executive level. Works with leaders where they are; to clarify their situation, identify next steps, focus on work and personal roadblocks, leadership challenges through encouraging development of self-awareness, resilience, and setting goals to move forward. Please contact Candi at

Rick Christ Photo

Rick Christ has over 15 years of experience as a leadership and career coach, focusing on executives, emerging leaders, and expatriates, and also works with entrepreneurs. His holistic approach to coaching recognizes that our work and personal lives are fully intertwined. He is certified by the International Coach Federation at the ACC level, and is a graduate of the George Mason Coaching Program. He has a BS in psychology, an MEd in counseling psychology, and an MBA. He is on LinkedIn. Please contact Rick at

Beatriz Cuartas

Beatriz Cuartas, a Mason PhD candidate at the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs. She is a certified executive leadership coach, and one of the founding members of the Mason CC. Her coaching efforts are tailored for the specific needs of each individual. She has over 11 years of experience teaching university courses and is an executive of the WellBee Group, currently leading a quality of life measurement project with Ecuador. Please contact Beatriz at

Photo of Clarissa Cullers

Clarissa Cullers, MBA, ACC, is an experienced coach and human capital consultant with 25 years of professional service delivery in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Human Capital Strategy. Certified in multiple assessments, she is also a coach for the Center for Creative Leadership. Her philosophy is grounded in creating a partnership with clients as they achieve their goals. Please contact Clarissa at

Cheryl Daly Photo

Cheryl Daly is an executive leadership coach with over 35 years’ experience in leadership development. She understands the military, government, and private sector environments and helps leaders successfully transition to new cultures, positions and responsibilities. She specializes in working with military retirees and members who are making the change to the private sector culture. Please contact Cheryl at cdaly@ssdcoaching.

Laura Dekovich Photo

Laura Dekovich combines her George Mason coaching certification with her graduate education in adult learning. She served as a Career Coach in the federal government and in various volunteer positions. Laura enjoys helping clients find the tools necessary to overcome their challenges. She is currently developing her startup, Golden Beacon USA, a website that helps immigrants acclimate to the United States. Please contact Laura at

Dan Durham Photo

Dan Durham, a retired Marine, is the Program Manager for Senior Leadership Development Programs at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has delivered a variety of training to a wide range of audiences to include Foreign Partners and NATO. Mr. Durham is a certified Leadership Coach from George Mason University and holds an Executive Masters in Leadership from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. Please contact Dan at


David Harvey

David Harvey has a 25 year career as a nonprofit entrepreneur and executive where he has drawn on his social work background to help individuals identify and overcome obstacles and embrace personal and organizational change. A graduate of George Mason’s certified leadership coaching program, he is the principal of Chandler Harvey Associates, a coaching and leadership transition practice. Please contact David at

Ed Higgins Photo

Ed Higgins is a Senior Executive and practicing Executive Leadership Coach holding International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Coach Certification. He holds certifications in the use and interpretation of several 360 feedback and personality tools, with courses completed in neuroscience for coaching. Ed specializes in personal, group, and organization improvement and transformation. Please contact Ed at

Dr. Kea Photo

Dr. Kea currently works as a Sr. OD Consultant and Executive Coach at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Dr. Kea blends his technical background and behavioral science to coach engineers, scientists and managers in overcoming personal roadblocks to their success by learning from their emotions to access their untapped capacity. Dr. Kea holds an ICF ACC certification. Please contact Dr. Kea at

Photo of Kathy Knapp

Kathy Knapp is passionate about helping people become better leaders. Her work focuses on building leadership capacity within organizations. She provides coaching and leader development services for federal, corporate, and private businesses, and individual leaders. Some of her clients include the Center for Creative Leadership, Boys & Girls Club, and the Global Institute for Leadership Development. Please contact Kathy at

John Lesko Photo

John Lesko can help YOU achieve extraordinary results. With expertise in leadership development, team-building, and organizational excellence; John is a certified professional facilitator and leadership coach. Author of Facilitating Genius and Technology Exchange in the Information Age, Coach Lesko can help you discover your genius and then co-create a path toward living up to your full potential. Please contact John at John@JohnLesko.Biz.

Samantha Levine-Finley Photo

Insightful. Compassionate. Creative. Solutions-focused. These words reflect Samantha Levine-Finley’s coaching style and the energy she brings to her coaching clients. As a two-time George Mason University grad with about a decade of real-world experience as a coach, mediator, and facilitator, Samantha will challenge you to break through what is holding you back and carve a path to realize your goals. Please contact Samantha at

Margaret Lo Photo

Margaret Lo specializes in values-based executive and leadership coaching. She connects clients to their deepest and more important values to guide their career and life choices. She empowers clients to be their best self. Margaret has worked to create a more sustainable world in Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and universities for over ten years. She currently coaches for Mason HR. Please contact Margaret at

Jan McGowan Photo

Jan McGowan has 30 years of leadership and management experience that lends an empathetic, yet straightforward, approach to challenges faced by clients. Clients benefit from insights they can assemble about themselves, how they relate to others and how their personal and professional ethos can find balance. She is skilled at helping clients live a fulfilled life while accomplishing their goals. Please contact Jan at

Janice McHenry Photo

You want to make a difference at work – while being true to your values. I help leaders discover their authentic leadership style, reach their business goals, and achieve career success. As your coach, I am your role model of a confident, easygoing leader. I am a retired Federal government SES; ICF-certified coach (ACC); business owner; and strategic planning consultant to non-profits. Please contact Janice at

Cynthia Jefferson

Cynthia Jefferson Muhammad believes a great leader understands and optimizes the synergy between a fit mind, body and spirit. She is a certified executive leadership coach and certified worksite wellness specialist and coaches on leadership, wellness and interpersonal relations.  She coaches clients toward mastering new attitudes and behaviors that will help them to attain an overall ‘fit-life’. Please contact Cynthia at

Angelia Gordon Neal

Angelia Gordon Neal is a certified executive leadership coach with over fifteen years of experience in human resources consulting, leadership development, organizational development, and strategic planning. Angelia finds fulfillment in partnering with others in navigating the twists, turns, challenges and triumphs of leadership. Please contact Angelia at

Laura Phelps Photo

Laura Phelps is an ICF credentialed coach and holds an MS in organization development. She provides coaching in an open, safe and supportive environment that allows clients to fully express themselves, explore possibilities, take action, and achieve desired results. Laura enjoys working with individuals to identify strengths, values and purpose, and together develop a plan for moving forward. Please contact Laura at

Vincent Randazzo Photo

Vincent Randazzo an International Coach Federation (ICF) designated Associate Certified Coach, having also completed George Mason University’s professional training program in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance. He now works as a consultant offering leadership development, coaching and public affairs services to corporations and not-for-profit organizations and their executives. Please contact Vince at

Photo of Michael Rochelle

Coach Michael Rochelle is a dynamic and highly empathic coach who brings his 37 years of leadership and leadership development experience to bear as an Executive and Leadership Coach. He is skilled at partnering with his coaching clients to co-create value from every coaching engagement. Please contact Michael at

Photo of Dede O'Donnell

Dede O’Donnell brings HR expertise and business acumen skills to her leadership coaching. She has recently specialized in coaching high potential millennials and Gen X’ers. Throughout her career Dede was a trusted advisor and an employee advocate with SAIC and The Boeing Company. Dede has a BS from Virginia Tech, an advanced HR credential from Michigan, and leadership coaching certification from George Mason University. Please contact Dede at

Brandie Schieb Photo

Brandie Schieb leads, manages, and coaches analysts and supervisors at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Her coaching expertise is in helping supervisors adapt to different team environments, having critical conversations in the workplace, and developing milestones towards achieving career goals. She also coaches with the non-profit Women for Change Coaching Community. Please contact Brandie at

Seth Sinclair Photo

Seth Sinclair is a leadership coach, management consultant, trainer, and facilitator with a passion for helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He is an ICF credentialed coach and certified Project Management Professional. Coaching areas of focus include Strategic Thinking & Planning, Team Building, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Health/Wellness. Please contact Seth at

Dave Stadelmyer Photo

Dave Stadelmyer provides values centered executive leadership coaching, and is an authority bridging generational gaps in the workplace. He has over 25 years leadership and management experience with the Federal Gov’t and is skilled in effective feedback, difficult conversations and change management. Clients identify their values to explore and discover new strategic approaches to challenges. Please contact David at

Linda Stracke Photo

Linda Stracke is a certified executive coach for the government and corporate sectors, and a practicing federal executive. Having served more than 20 years as an executive, she brings a unique perspective to leadership from her depth and breadth of experience. She partners with clients to help them achieve their goals by enhancing their critical thinking, problem solving, and communications to foster resilience, expand effectiveness, and overall wellbeing. Please contact Linda at

Dolores Terry Photo

Dolores Terry is a dynamic Leadership Coach specializing in raising her client’s professional effectiveness. Through trust-based partnerships, she helps clients get to the heart of underperforming areas and identifies underlying behaviors and thinking that get in the way of their vision of success. Dolores is especially skilled at identifying underperforming patterns of behavior and thinking. Please contact Dolores at

Carmela Vaccarella Photo

Carmela Vaccarella is a executive coach and internal Federal Aviation Administration consultant with over 25 years’ experience working with teams and senior leaders in implementing organizational solutions to issues involving behavioral/cultural changes, business transformation, strategy alignment, conflict resolution and intra-organizational relationships. Please contact Carmela at

Martha Wescoat-Andes

Martha Wescoat-Andes provides leadership and well-being coaching. Trained in Mason’s programs in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance (acquiring hours for final certification), Advanced Coaching Program in Leadership and Well-being, and Gallup StrengthsFinder, Martha enjoys assisting clients in aligning their leadership development with their personal development and well-being. Please contact Martha at

Lisa Woodard Photo

Lisa Woodard has over 25 years of finance and management experience with IBM and Lockheed Martin, as well as involvement in a variety of non-profits. She completed Mason’s ICF-certified Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program. She is passionate about using her extensive work and life experience to help clients gain insight, direction and personal fulfillment through coaching. Please contact Lisa at

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