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Spring into Well-Being 2016

Spring into Well-Being 2016 

Join us this spring as we celebrate some of the many ways Mason supports student, faculty, staff, and alumni well-being!

We invite all members of the Mason community to participate in Spring Into Well-Being 2016 by volunteering and/or hosting an event! To learn more, or add an event to the SIWB2016 calendar, please email Brandice Valentino at Check out our FAQ below.

Mason’s third Spring Into Well-Being campaign kicks off on Wednesday, April 6th and goes through Wednesday, April 13th. This year’s focus is on Six Days / Six Domains of Well-Being! Events will highlight some of the well-being programs, activities, and resources available to the Mason community that help build individual and collective capacities for increased vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement!

More than 28 Mason units participated in 2015, and events took place on every campus – including Mason Korea!

All events included in this collaborative, cross campus awareness campaign are part of Mason’s Well-Being University initiative, dedicated to ensuring Mason becomes a model well-being university where all community members are Thriving Together.

Spring into Well-Being is a university-wide collaboration co-led by the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, Human Resources & Payroll, and University Life. 


Click here for a Listing of Events for Spring into Well-Being 2016 


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Our unit has an event already planned for one of those days, can we make that event part of Spring Into Well-Being (SIWB)? YES! Absolutely! Contact us to add your event to the SIWB schedule.


  • We want to do something, but are not sure what. Can you help us? YES! Call or email us to discuss your event or ideas.


  • What kind of events are you looking for? If your event helps support individual or community well-being, it’s likely a fit! Eg. Does it raise awareness about or support physical well-being? Psychological well-being? Help build social networks and connections (social well-being)? Help support community well-being (volunteerism, sustainability/recycling, civility/respect, diversity/inclusion)? Help financial well-being (seminars, courses, workshops)? Help individuals find purpose and career well-being (advising, passion for work/purpose – social justice/environmental)?


Click here for a listing of last year’s events. 


  • Can individuals host events? Yes, we’ve had students and professors host events in the past.


  • Why did you choose these six domains of well-being? There are many models for different domains of well-being. Here at Mason, as we strive to become a model well-being university, we define well-being as building a life of vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement.


This includes thriving across a range of domains (physical, purpose/career, social, community, psychological and financial) and being satisfied with one’s life while experiencing curiosity, hope, meaning and joy.

Learn more about Mason’s Well-Being University initiative at

Email Brandice Valentino at with any questions.


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