Since the year 2000, hundreds of people have found life-changing support through PTCI, a non-profit educational organization founded to help people discover and courageously fulfill their potentials. Workshop courses give you a direct experience of your true self and the courage you need to take the next step in personal transformation—physically, mentally, and spiritually. These small-group courses of PTCI are based onproven methods of personal transformation, including mindfulness practices and self-awareness exercises. 

SOMO is an intentional effort to bring the science of success, well-being, & happiness to professional & social networks around Cleveland, Ohio + beyond for building an individual’s psychological, SOcial, & eMOtional muscle leading to organizational, familial, community, and ultimately city-wide optimal functioning & flourishing. It’s leadership development and wellness at all levels.

Xperience LLC offers organization consulting, executive coaching, and leadership training to U.S. public, private, non-profit, and internaitonal clients. Xperience LLC works with leaders, teams, and organizations to create generative and sustainable high performance and to reduce polarizaton.