Top Neuroleadership Expert Dr. David Rock to Speak at Mason Leadership Conference

by Whitney Hopler, Communications Coordinator

Top Neuroleadership Expert Dr. David Rock to Speak at Mason Leadership Conference

Have you ever wondered why people in your organization make the choices they do – and what will really motivate them to learn and grow? The key to understanding the people you work with (and yourself) is understanding how the human brain works. Once you understand what brain research reveals about people’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, you can use that knowledge to make the best leadership decisions in your workplace.

Dr. David Rock, who directs the NeuroLeadership Institute, is an influential researcher, performance coach, author, and speaker who connects research from neuroscientists and leadership experts to create new ways of thinking about how to develop strong leaders. He will speak at Mason’s Leading to Well-Being Conference, delivering a keynote address on Friday, April 7th.

The institute operates in 24 countries, empowering people at organizations worldwide to develop solid leadership skills using insights from the latest brain research. Dr. Rock coined the term “neuroleadership” to describe brain-based methods of leadership training. When leaders pay attention to how people are naturally wired – how their brains work – they maximize their opportunities to succeed, Dr. Rock advises.

Dr. Rock writes in his groundbreaking research paper “The Healthy Mind Platter” that there are seven key activities that contribute to optimal brain functioning, which helps people learn and grow to their fullest potential. Those activities are “sleep time, playtime, time-in (meditation or reflective practice), downtime, connecting time, physical time, and focus time.” He writes that they “each have different and beneficial effects on the mind that complement each other, providing together a well-balanced ‘mental diet’ for optimal neurocognitive functioning and well-being.”

Balancing these components of a healthy mind from day to day empowers people to be resilient, Rock writes. Resiliency is a critical skill for achieving success at work, despite stress and challenges. At the Leading to Well-Being Conference, Dr. Rock will discuss how people can apply the latest brain research on resiliency and leadership to their workplaces and strengthen their organizations as a result.

Dr. Rock says that sticking with ineffective leadership principles that don’t take brain research into account will only prevent leaders from making progress. It takes courage for people to re-think their traditional ideas about leadership. But doing so is a wise investment to make, Dr. Rock says.

Dr. Rock’s NeuroLeadership Summit has recently been ranked among the world’s top 10 most innovative conferences by Inc. Magazine. The magazine praised its “data-driven approaches to improve work performance” and appreciated its power to help organizations with the process of “ditching conventional business practices and discovering new ways to foster talent.” At the Leading to Well-Being Conference, Dr. Rock will bring that same innovative approach to helping people build resilient organizations that succeed.