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CWB Senior Scholar's New Book Blends Mindfulness and Coaching in a Powerful Leadership Model

Leading well gladis

CWB Senior Scholar Dr. Steve Gladis of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners has just released his 22nd book, Leading Well: Becoming a Mindful Leader-Coach. Blending two powerful leadership elements — mindfulness and coaching — the book “… is a natural culmination of the most important leadership concepts I’ve learned and taught over the years,” Gladis says.

While this book is unlikely to be his last one, Leading Well may be Gladis' most important contribution to the practice of leadership so far, as it disrupts the norm: autocratic, democratic, or laissez-faire leadership models.

Leaders who are mindful — fully present, not distracted by failures of the past or fears about the future — lead well, the book shows. Leading in the moment and engaged with their teams, mindful leaders help those around them keep calm and focused. When mindful leaders adopt a leader-coach approach — asking questions to help others solve their own problems — their leadership power magnifies. Indeed, when leader-coaches apply the four Ps of coaching (the problem, the present, the possible, and the plan) to both problem solving and career development of direct reports, the individual, the team and the organization all win.

Who should read it? Gladis says, “My dentist once said, ‘Floss only the teeth you want to keep!’ The same analogy is useful for this book: Insist that only the leaders you want to keep, should read and practice what’s in this book.”

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