Positive Change through Mindfulness

by Jena Chalmers, Junior, Student Well-Being Team Chair

Positive Change through Mindfulness
Students serving on Mason's Well-Being Team: Ateeb Asim, Jenny Fotang, Aaron Spitler, Logan Murray, Stefanie Juvinel, Jena Chalmers, An Nguyen and AnnaMarijka Tilleman

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I had never really heard of mindfulness or positive psychology before I came to Mason, but I was always interested health and self-improvement. I started working for the Well-Being Team as a freshman through Student Involvement, thinking it sounded like a fun way to get involved here. There, I met some amazing and passionate people and started to learn about mindfulness.

Some members of my team inspired me to join the Mindful Living LLC, which I did the following year. There, I met a very supportive group of people and continued to develop my mindfulness practices, specifically in meditation. I also started to intentionally cultivate compassion for myself and others.

This year, as a junior, I am running the Well-Being Team, a job that is challenging but rewarding. I now practice mindfulness regularly through meditation, three-word check-ins, and self-compassion breaks. I'm in a much different place internally than I was three years ago.

The lens through which I experience the world is much clearer and brighter than how it was before. Mindfulness has changed my world for the better and, through my work with the Well-Being Team, hosting events, and giving workshops, I hope to share this gift of presence with as many people as I can.