Join Educators to Strengthen Well-Being Education at the World Positive Education Accelerator Event in June

by Whitney Hopler, Communications Director

Join Educators to Strengthen Well-Being Education at the World Positive Education Accelerator Event in June

Join educators from around the world to redesign global education at the World Positive Education Accelerator (WPEA) event this summer: Monday, June 25 to Thursday, June 28 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas. WPEA will pair the International Positive Education Network's (IPEN) second Festival of Positive Education with an appreciative inquiry summit using Champlain College’s David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry methodology. The event’s goal is to equip people with the well-being skills and tools to flourish, and contribute to the flourishing of others, in ways that support and strengthen traditional learning.

The 2018 WPEA will feature more than 1,200 researchers, educators, practitioners, positive psychologists, change agents and other parties interested in promoting both academic achievement and character virtue development. Everyone attending can turn the event’s inspiration into action by working together to design fresh ways of incorporating positivity and well-being into education. Molly McGuigan, owner of Learning Link, LLC, has helped organize WPEA and said that people attending the event can connect with their fellow educators to create initiatives around many different types of topics, such as: “teacher training, curriculum development, measuring success, technology and positive education, and the business case for positive education.”

Well-being skills are linked to strong academic learning outcomes in multiple research studies, so giving students an education that emphasizes well-being empowers them to learn and achieve more than they could otherwise. McGuigan pointed out, “When schools measure success through academic achievement, those who struggle academically feel intrinsically less valuable and those who excel often pursue unhealthy levels of perfection – in both cases ultimately feeling never good enough. What if instead schools valued not only academic achievement, but also student well-being – their mental fortitude, the development of their character and unique strengths, their ability to weather adversity, having a positive relationship with themselves and their peers, and their ability to find meaning and purpose in their lives? We believe this value shift would empower students, not to mention teachers and administrators, to operate from a position of strength and hope, rather than deficit and despair – making them feel stronger, more capable, more grounded, and more valuable.”

Educators can experience all sorts of benefits from attending WPEA, said McGuigan. “They will make connections with other educators from around the world to share best practices in character development, well-being and resilience. They'll get access to practical tools to deal with workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout, and lessons to build grit, resilience, growth mindset and other life skills in the classroom.” She added that educators can earn continuing education units for attending, as well.”

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