Polarity Thinking Virtual Open House on April 20

Polarity Thinking Virtual Open House on April 20

Join us on Tuesday April 20 from 12 noon to 12:45 p.m. for a virtual open house to learn more about our Polarity Thinking program and its tools.

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Polarities are interdependent forces that create tension in complex situations. This certification helps you see how "both/and” Polarity Thinking helps create leverage for the complex and critical challenges that all leaders, teams, and organizational systems face. Polarity Thinking, which features live virtual instruction, is open for Fall 2021 enrollment.

"Learning and using the principles of polarities can strengthen well-being for leaders, teams, and organizational systems," said Polarity Thinking Instructor Cliff Kayser. "The many different dimensions of effective leadership – from communication to change management – all include polarities. You can learn one approach through this program and it can apply across the board to whatever decisions you face as a leader. Polarity Thinking has versatility and scalability and measurability to it that you can use in any situation.”

Learn more during our open house with Cliff Kayser (Polarity Thinking Instructor and Vice President, Coaching Program, Dean, Mastery Program, Polarity Partnerships), and Melissa Schreibstein (Mason’s Director of Well-Being Programs). Drop in anytime for an informal discussion. Learn what polarities are and how managing them well can optimize success for leaders. Get your questions answered about our fall Polarity Thinking program. No registration required. We look forward to talking with you!