CWB Senior Scholar Dr. Gail Christopher Urges Racial Healing as "The Work of America"

by Whitney Hopler, Communications Manager

CWB Senior Scholar Dr. Gail Christopher Urges Racial Healing as "The Work of America"
Dr. Gail Christopher

CWB Senior Scholar Dr. Gail Christopher, executive director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity and co-director of the Culture of Health Leaders, urges all Americans to work for racial healing in this recent video.

"We need to jettison the fundamental fallacy, the permission to believe in a false hierarchy of human value," Christopher says. "Some people think that the work of changing people's beliefs is soft work. But I've learned after decades of work as a social change agent that our most deeply held beliefs drive our decisions. They drive our behaviors, our actions, because they create our thoughts and our feelings. Our feelings create the motion of our lives. ... Beliefs matter."

History and current events show the deep need for racial healing in the United States, said Christopher. As Americans, she said, we need to work together to change the narrative to be able to experience well-being. "If we're ever really going to end racism in this country, we have to understand that what we have to do is change our fundamental conceptual framework about relationships, about how we relate to one another as human beings." 

Christopher created Rx Racial Healing Circles while at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and now those circles are available for Mason students, employees, and alumni.

You can sign up for an open enrollment circle on Monday April 19 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. here.

You can also request a circle in a closed enrollment format here for a specific Mason department, organization, or unit.