Thriving Together at George Mason University

Thriving Together: The Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

by Dr. Nance Lucas, Executive Director

Thriving Together at George Mason University

When you hear the phrase “well-being university,” what images come to your mind? I hope one of those images is George Mason University. The Center for the Advancement of Well-being Center (CWB), formerly the Consciousness and Transformation (CCT) is leading the Well-Being University Initiative at Mason with a collaborative learning community comprising faculty experts and senior leaders who represent a wide range of expertise and university units, including our newest senior scholar, Beth Cabrera. Our vision is to position Mason to evolve as a well-being university where everyone thrives together. That’s just one of our exciting projects under way.

We recently completed a strategic planning process that resulted in a new mission statement: CWB exists to catalyze human well-being. We are inventing a new model of education that creates conditions in organizations and communities where people thrive together. Our vision is to impact the well-being of 10 million people by 2019, and we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

Our spring 2013 Leading to Well-Being conference, cosponsored with Mason Leads, sold out again with nearly 400 participants and a program featuring Dan Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, and Annie McKee, author of Primal Leadership.

Mark your calendars on April 11 for our 2014 conference at the Mason Inn.

CWB launched a new certificate program on the Well-Being Foundations of Personal Transformation led by Mary Elizabeth Lynch, an expert in conflict transformation and personal transformation and president of the Personal Transformation and Courage Institute, and Mark Thurston, CWB senior fellow. This highly engaging and life-transforming program will be offered again in March 2014. Our plan is to continue to advance new certificate programs such as this one that inspire excellence resulting in human flourishing. Brandice Rogers has assumed a new role in CWB as our director of educational programs.

Our existing programs are expanding and continue to be popular among students at Mason, including our Mindful Living residential learning community, our academic minor in consciousness and transformation, and new undergraduate courses focused on well-being and personal and organizational transformations. Todd Kashdan, CWB’s senior scientist, is leading a new research and intervention team with Mason’s Athletic Department, focusing on student-athletes and mindfulness practices as part of our well-being university team.

This article originally appeared in the 2013 edition of Keeping the Connection. in a slightly different format.

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