Thrive U: Mason Featured in Live Happy Magazine for its Well-Being University Initiative


George Mason University is honored to be featured in Live Happy magazine’s October issue for Mason’s Well-Being University Initiative. The nine-page article, “Thrive U: George Mason University’s Well-Being Initiative Helps Students Thrive, Not Just Survive,” details the many facets of well-being at Mason and the university-wide commitment to becoming a “model well-being university” where students, faculty, staff, and alumni are leading a life of vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement.

The article details the work of the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, including a mini-feature on the Mindful Living LLC for students, sponsored by the Center. Our initial benefactors, Donald and Nancy deLaski, founded the center in 2009 with the dream of creating an entity where individuals could engage in an exploration around life purpose, meaning, and inner knowledge.

Sadly, Don and his wife Nancy have both since passed, but their vision of a center with deep and growing impact on individuals and organizations, including other universities, lives on. As Don explained in the Spring 2009 issue of Mason Spirit magazine, “Part of our vision is that a successful new center at Mason will lead to other universities providing similar courses, and thus a higher level of consciousness might be developed throughout the world.”

Nancy had similar dreams for the ripple effect of the Center’s work, hoping that through the Center, “students will attain more purpose-driven lives and thereby affect the world’s future in many fields—creative, medicine, government, research, and peace” (“Raising Consciousness”, Mason Spirit, Spring 2009).

Learn more about Mason’s Well-Being University Initiative and the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being.

If you would like to help us continue the work that the deLaskis started at Mason, please click here to find out more about giving to the center.