Coaching Alumni Testimonials

Coaching Alumni Testimonials

Many of our Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being alumni have shared how becoming coaches has brought positive change to their lives. Some of their comments on our program:

“Becoming a coach has become the first milestone of this new life I am living with a renewed sense of purpose. I am confident that Mason’s coaching program has given me the building blocks I need to succeed as a coach and in life.” - Sterling Brinson

"The program has helped me to become a better version of myself, to reaffirm my purpose of helping others and empowering them to thrive. It gave me all the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to start my own practice as a coach. - Asya Grigoryan

"My classmates and the faculty were extraordinary. Parts of me I did not know existed were brought to life in the nurturing environment." - Gary Phillips

"Self-love and awareness is what it takes to be a driving force to produce effective leadership." - Cindy Whitmoyer

"Not only did I learn the skills necessary to be a fantastic coach, but I also gained a deeper understanding of myself, and what I wanted to commit my life's work to – human transformation. - Ralph Plaskett

"I see things in a much more positive light ... I can honestly say that coaching provides me with a job satisfaction that I never would have imagined possible. It is very powerful and rewarding to interact with other employees at such a deep level and to watch them discover their own answers to overcome challenges and to set and meet both professional and personal goals." - Lori Rhoades

"I really appreciated the well-being aspect of it once I got into the program. It showed me the importance of slowing down and reflecting on who we are as leaders and what changes we want to make in our lives. It has given me permission to slow down and to encourage my clients to slow down. It really made the idea of emotional fitness more accessible.” - Leslie Schreiber

“The power of the relationships was very significant for me – not only with the faculty, but also with my colleagues. I’m grateful that those relationships will be some of the closest and most unique relationships I’ll have for the rest of my life.” - Marti Taylor

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