Polarity Thinking Testimonials

Polarity Thinking Testimonials

“This was such a valuable course personally and professionally. I found it thought-provoking and inspiring. It was presented in a clear, concise way with lots of varied ways to embody the skills to use immediately.” - Jean Griffis 

This course provided a unique but global perspective on a unifying approach to view issues, which on the surface appear as problems, as healthy tensions that we cannot ‘solve’ but rather balance focus on ‘and’ thinking.” - Sammy K. 

“As the leader of a non-profit, an executive coach and a facilitator, this class has the potential to change ‘how you’ create solutions. It is rich in content, experiential learning, and resources to explore after the class is over. I'm excited to work on the learning project which will encourage me to do a deeper dive into polarities right away. Lastly, exploring this material live with other class members invites diversity of thought that directly impacts how you introduce, engage in and facilitate a polarity conversation.” - Wendy Moomaw 

“The Polarity Thinking program explores how to think differently about some of the everyday challenges that we grapple with. Adding ‘and’ thinking to our default of ‘or’ thinking expands how we see the world and opens up new avenues to leverage interdependent tensions. After taking the class, I feel more prepared to navigate our world of polarities for sustainable change.” - Dori Ramsey 

“Organizational polarities are a fact of life that we can choose to pretend to ignore or embrace and proactively manage. Cliff’s passion for the topic of polarities and his mastery of organizing the mechanical elements makes learning how to incorporate organizational polarities into your skill set straightforward.” - Paul J. 

“It was one of those classes that changes how you see the world, and how you approach life in general. A great class; not just for leaders and coaches. It will continue to expand and weave itself into my life and how I interact with people, problems, and the world for a long time.” - Erin Dunleavy