Positive Leadership Testimonials

Positive Leadership Testimonials

“Exactly what I hoped for – immediately useful and impactful.” - Dan Taggart, director of human resources

“Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Gladis were absolutely phenomenal. I can’t emphasize enough how engaging and insightful they were. A massive thank you to them for the energy and love and thought they put into this program. I am not at all exaggerating when I say that they have changed my life for the better. I will be enthusiastically recommending this course to my coworkers.” - Michael Kopalek, operations research analyst

“Very informative, thorough seminar. Beth Cabrera is extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared. Steve Gladis is a master at facilitating a coaching culture and empowering participants to learn and implement coaching practices.” - Hope Fentress, content marketing specialist

“Steve Gladis has great expertise and ability to carry message/teach. Tremendous ability to empathize with students.” - Marc Tagliento, senior policy director

“Great class! The teachers were excellent and the content will definitely stick with me for life. Very interesting and engaging material delivered in an interesting and fun way.” - Lynne Cordary, senior product manager

“The content has been valuable and informative for my role as a leader, but also helpful in evaluating my own career goals.” - Candice Griffin, senior program manager

“This course has been so helpful in guiding me toward being a more mindful leader.” - Kelly Clawson, senior assistant director of admissions

“Very good course especially because of the combination of Beth Cabrera and Steve Gladis instructing. Both provided great real-life examples and engaged the class. The course material will be used to create a positive environment at work and spread positive leadership and mindfulness to my team.” - Ute Shaw, director of finance

“I liked the examples and common sense approach to solving problems as well as Steve Gladis’ humor. It kept the class engaged and fun.” - John Brock, middle school admissions director

“Loved the Positive Leadership training, discussions, tools, etc. Fantastic facilitators/instructors!” - Jacqueline Brioux, service design lead

“Great program! Helps me improve my performance at work. Also teaches me to be mindful of my thoughts and actions.” - Ilia Roussev, program director