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Mason Coaching Connections (Mason CC)

Jane Maliszewski

Mason Coaching ConnectionsVice Chairs
Rick Christ - Membership & Liaison
Jennifer Hughes - Innovation & Research, Committee Secretary
Uday Periyasamy - Communications & Technology
Vince Randazzo - Events
Deputy Vice Chairs
Valerie Brown - Innovation & Research, Treasurer
Rosalynn Dhramapitaksook - Communications & Technology
John Lesko - Membership & Liaison
Leslie Schreiber - Events


In the last couple of decades, professional coaching has been one of the fastest growing leadership and performance development options undertaken inside global organizations. Today, it is highly regarded to have one’s own coach –similar to having a personal trainer on leadership. In fact, world leading organizations invest large sums of money in matching potential leaders with the right coach. This is a direct result of the coaching’s high positive impact on leadership effectiveness, and organizational return on investment. Pioneering individuals and organizations encounter several challenges on their way to success. Coaching provides the means for individuals and organizations to achieve optimal performance.

The Coaching Connections (CC) are brought to you by Mason trained coaches, graduates from Mason’s International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited programs, who are working diligently to foster win-win collaborations. Mason’s CC partnerships are poised to grow the client’s leadership and organizational performance, while also advancing the coach’s career. We provide you as well as your organization the opportunity to grow at a low cost for services. In return, you provide us with the opportunity to serve and grow our coaching portfolio with experience.


Mason CC is intended for clients who have graduated from our programs and want to develop their leadership and organizational performance skills in realistic scenarios. Mason CC consists of a pool of our Mason CC Coaches. At Mason CC you can select your preferred professional coach from our Meet the Coaches page. Once you select a coach, contact the coach to determine mutual availability and best fit. The final steps include selection of your coaching payment plan. Mason CC offers two low-cost coaching plans. Once you complete this step, you partner with your coach to complete the coaching agreement, the assessment, and begin your coaching engagement.

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