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FAQs for Coaches:

  • When does the coaching start?

As soon as a client selects you and you accept the client. The program draws on your training so you will set up the coaching agreement – we will provide a basic coaching contract. From there, you can send any intake documents to suit your preferences.

  • Where will the coaching occur?

The coach and client will determine where and how the coaching will occur. This could be in person, via phone, Skype, or any other convenient means for your client and you. The same applies to the timing – monthly, bi-weekly... whatever you decide within the confines of a 5 or 10 session agreement. Though, you may continue to engage with your clients past the 10 sessions, as necessary. Should you do so, you and your coach will complete a new coaching contract with the new number of sessions.

  • How does the payment work?

The coaching clients are responsible for transferring the funds to the coach. Initially this will be done through a personal check or cash.

  • What if my coaching client wants to terminate the coaching engagement prior to the end of the five or ten sessions in the coaching contract?

Clients may terminate the agreement at any time. Should cancellation occur, the client is only obligated to:

  • Provide compensation for coaching services rendered prior to cancellation
  • Complete the end of coaching Assessment Questionnaire
  • Why is George Mason University putting this coaching program in place?

George Mason University is committed to a quality educational experience for all students. For the coaches, this means the opportunity to coach, use our training and grow through this experience. For students, this program responds to requests for coaching services and provides the opportunity to deepen skills they've acquired through Mason programs. These moments are the prime opportunity to introduce coaching.

FAQs for Students Seeking a Coach:

  • Who is a Mason coach?

Our Mason coaches are graduates of coaching programs offered by George Mason University.  These coaching training programs have been evaluated and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world-wide organization dedicated to credentialing in the coaching profession.

  • What is Professional Coaching?

Coaching is the co-creation of a partnership in a thought-provoking, creative, and accountable process to inspire growth in the client to “maximize their personal and professional potential” (ICF 2015).

  • Who is eligible to work with a coach?

Coaching Connections is intended to support the personal development of participants in programs offered by either George Mason University or the Mason Enterprise Center.

  • What are the benefits of using a coach?

Increased Productivity, Positivity, Return on Investment & Satisfaction.

Understandably, the International Coach Federation collects a vast array of statistics related to coaching and the potential results. One element that is the most important variable to a successful coaching engagement is whether the client is personally motivated to change and has a fierce desire to learn and grow. Under these circumstances, coaching clients are poised for success toward their goals.

  • Are the Coaching Contract Agreement and the Assessments Questionnaire required?

Yes, the Coaching Contract Agreement and the assessment tool are both Mason Coaching Connection requirements that must be completed on or before the first session with your coach. The contract lays out the commitment of both the coach and the client to the coaching relationship. The assessment tool is completed at the beginning and end of the coaching engagement to gauge the overall effect of the coaching on the client. The tool is not intended as an evaluation of the coach, rather to measure the impact of the Coaching Connections for the clients who participate in the program. We ask that if you have feedback for your coach, please share your insights with the coach.

  • Am I obligated to the full five or ten session plan?

The obligation begins at the third engagement.

  • What is the difference between a Pre-ACC Coach and an ACC Coach?

A Pre-ACC Coach is a coach who has completed our International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program, Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance. An Associated Certified Coach (ACC) is a coach who has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) after fulfilling certain requirements.

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