Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Thorough, enjoyable, relatable and immediately applicable. Thanks for a fantastic program!
Emily Kayser, Senior Manager, Digital, Fall 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed the stories of application to everyday life. Valuable for work, play, body, and soul.
Nancy Daczkowski, Manager, Clinical Operations, Fall 2014

One of the best and informative sessions I have attended. Really love the passion, knowledge, and personal stories Dr. Gladis combines to share information.
Joe Welch, Operations Manager, Fall 2014

Best training ever. Hands down. I’ve had a ton of management/leadership training and this is the best!
Chasity Gatson, Financial Intelligence Analyst, Fall 2014

Today’s class was great! I love the interaction and all of the material provided to help us learn how to properly coach.
Jaliyla Tillman, Treasurer, Fall 2014

Phenomenal class- immensely enjoyed it! Learned a lot from the coaching information and exercise!
Herbertia Gilmore, Equal Opportunity Specialist & Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Fall 2014

Steve is an amazing listener, educator, and speaker. His charisma and openness is always a breath of fresh air. Everyone and anyone can benefit from his class for professional and personal leadership.
Paru Rellan, Senior Investigative Research Specialist, Fall 2014

I will leverage this knowledge to improve working relationships and boost productivity.
Christina Mansfield, HR Director, Fall 2014

This course has made an impact on me. It’s caused me to slow down and be more mindful of my influences on others and value the individual contributions of all team members. Thank you!
Steve Ware, Executive Vice President, Fall 2014

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