Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Well-Being University Initiative

At Mason, we believe that "we thrive together" - shared success is one of our core values. We want to become the first well-being university, providing a place for all members of our Mason community in an environment where they can personally thrive while contributing to the overall mission. The university-wide Center for the Advancement of Well-Being provides a focal point for our efforts to promote positive change. To learn more, view this video spearheaded by Mason’s Well-Being Learning Community and produced by The Center for the Advancement of Well-Being.


Thriving Together at Mason

Given the center’s mission of catalyzing human well-being, it’s only fitting that the center—along with the Well-Being University Learning Community—has been leading the Well-Being University Initiative here at Mason.

Made up of more than 20 faculty members, staff, and students, the Well-Being Learning Community’s work has made every effort to be inclusive, collaborative, engaging and accessible to all students, faculty and staff.

Defining Well-Being

The goal of the initiative is to see that Mason becomes a model well-being university where students, faculty, and staff are building a life of vitality, purpose, and resilience, enriched by diversity and characterized by thriving across a range of domains, including physical, career, social, community, psychological and financial. This includes being satisfied with one’s life and regularly experiencing curiosity, hope, meaning and joy.

What is a Well-Being University?

A well-being university intentionally cultivates in its community members the knowledge and skills needed to thrive together. As a well-being university, George Mason University commits to promoting and supporting an environment that explicitly engages students, faculty, and staff in a wide range of activities related to well-being. Educational, co-curricular, and professional development experiences provide community members the opportunity to develop insights and habits of regularly assessing their quality of life and values with the goal of cultivating a well-lived life.

All disciplines and fields at Mason can contribute to a deeper understanding of the science and application of well-being and we believe that nearly every unit and program at Mason can identify pathways for students and employees to engage in their learning and growth.

Our goal is to engage all units in contributing to the goal of creating a nurturing and caring environment that supports all members of our community in realizing their potential.

To learn more about the initiative, watch this presentation by the center’s executive director, Nance Lucas, to over 100 students, faculty and staff.


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