BIPOC Well-Being Month

Patriots celebrated Mason’s first BIPOC* Well-Being Month during October 2021. We will announce plans for 2022 here when they’re available. Enjoy the videos on this page as you reflect on BIPOC Well-Being Month in 2021.

*BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. We acknowledge that the BIPOC community is not monolithic, but is comprised of myriad lived experiences and different stratified positionalities in society. We also acknowledge that in our efforts to be inclusive of historically marginalized ethnic groups, we are inadvertently excluding other marginalized groups. Language is limited, and we are choosing to use the term “BIPOC” while acknowledging its many limitations. May this tension be a constant reminder of the need to dismantle oppressive social structures in our society.

Mason students talk about what well-being means to them as part of the BIPOC community:

Mason students from the BIPOC community discuss what mental health/well-being challenges they’ve faced:

Mason students from the BIPOC community share what well-being practices they find most helpful:

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