Courses Overview

Our center is dedicated to catalyzing human well-being by teaching the science and practices that lead to a life of vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement. We provide a holistic college experience for students involving exceptional academic learning as well as deep understanding about oneself and how we relate to the world on a deeper level in innovative learning environments. 

We offer signature undergraduate courses in consciousness, transformation, well-being, leadership, and mindfulness. These courses—and the academic minor—enhance performance in any chosen area of study and career path, and enable students to 

  • become more resilient and maintain a calm and centered presence in the face of challenges and stresses
  • increase their ability to creatively solve problems they face
  • build and deepen meaningful, supportive relationships
  • experience a deepening sense of personal meaning in their lives

These qualities increase well-being, performance, and success in all areas of life. The courses are taught by expert and experienced instructors who represent a wide range of fields and disciplines.

We invite you to learn more about our current course offerings and their many benefits.