COMM 101 and ENCORE Well-Being

Dear COMM 101 Students –

 As you select your classes for your sophomore year and look for interesting general education courses, think about this:  You’re already 1/6th of the way through a specialized pathway in the Mason Core that focuses on Well-Being.

 It’s called the Mason ENCORE program and you can learn more about it by visiting this web page:  .  Essentially, it a matter of taking 18 of your 40 Mason Core credits from among the ones designated to have something to do with personal and/or collective well-being – that is, purpose, resilience, wellness/vitality, and person-to-person engagement.    COMM 101 is already approved as 3 of those 18 credits!

 In order to earn a certificate at graduation for having completed this pathway, you will also complete the first two levels of the Mason GetConnected domain for well-being.  It’s made up of a one-academic-credit online course about well-being, plus on-campus co-curricular ways of exploring your own well-being.  Details can be found at

 We encourage you to especially consider these Mason Core courses this coming Fall.  They are approved as part of the Well-Being pathway.

 HIST 391  section 001        “The Digital Past”

GCH 325                                “Stress and Well-Being”    It’s an online course, and was just approved for the Mason Core and ENCORE Well-Being pathway in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

UNIV 371                               “Dimensions of Well-Being”   It’s an online one-credit course which is not part of the Core but it is required for the PatriotExperience on Well-Being, and it’s a great introduction to the science and practice of well-being.

 If the idea of a Well-Being pathway through your Mason Core appeals to you, then please consider declaring for this ENCORE program.  Once we know that you have formally declared, you will be part of the community of other students doing the pathway, and you will receive an electronic newsletter twice per semester with tips about cultivating your well-being, plus announcements about free on-campus well-being activities.  

 Here’s the link to the declaration form:            Print it out, sign it, and drop it by the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, which is located on the ground floor of Northern Neck dorm, adjacent to Starbucks and Alumni Relations.  Contact the faculty director for this program if you have any questions:  Mark Thurston, 118 Northern Neck,  703-993-1352.