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Mindful LLC FAQs

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General Information

What is the Mindful Living LLC?

Mindful Living LLC is a strengths-based, mindfulness focused LLC presented by the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. Mindful Living focuses on exploring the 'whole student' with a special emphasis on positive psychology, mindfulness studies, stress management and reduction as well as creativity, meaning, and life purpose. Some requirements count toward the minor in consciousness and transformation.

What is an LLC?

  • LLC = Living Learning Community
  • The Mason LLC mission statement: "In support of the University mission, living learning communities provide a purposeful living environment that facilitates students' successful transition to Mason while enhancing personal and intellectual growth through intentional partnerships among faculty, staff and student participants."
  • LLCs are found on campuses throughout the U.S., and research found that residents who participate in an LLC reporter higher grade-point averages, higher college retention rates, a greater likelihood to graduate in four years, and a better overall college experience.

What makes it different from other LLCs?

Mindful Living is sponsored by the privately funded Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. We focus on a holistic education that implements mindfulness principles in a semi-traditional academic setting. We practice compassion, mindful awareness, and foster personal and communal growth and exploration. Some focus areas for Mindful Living are positive psychology, mindfulness studies, strengths and values exploration, creativity, stress reduction and management, finding balance, and culminating a healthy lifestyle in seeking life purpose, which is particularly germane to college students who are picking majors, doing internships, and eventually starting careers.

Community Members

Who lives in the Mindful Living LLC?

Mindful Living LLC is open to all undergraduate students. The floor is a mixture of both first-year and upperclass students. Generally, first-years will room with other first-years, and upperclass students will room with other upperclassmen.

Residence Hall/Physical Space

What Residence Hall is it in?

Mindful Living LLC is located in Piedmont Hall. Piedmont's many benefits include:

  • Suite-style living with two to four residents sharing a bathroom.
  • Modern, new decorations and furnishings as well as larger rooms.
  • Laundry facilities in the building.
  • Plenty of common area, such as two TV lounges per floor and small meeting rooms.
  • Located in very close proximity to Fenwick Library, Skyline fitness center, and SouthSide dining facility.
  • Being one of the most centralized residence halls on campus, your classes,  the Johnson Center, convenience stores, and Starbucks are just a short walk away!

Is this going to be a Quiet Hall?

The culture of the LLC will really come from the residents and the community that they cultivate together. However, all residence halls are subject to certain "quiet hours" in accordance with Housing and Residence Life policies.

Programming Content and Focus

What kinds of activities will be going on?

Mindful Living LLC will have monthly programs as well as weekly explorations on various methods of positive psychology, mindfulness practices, stress management, and strengths and values exploration. Such activities often include meditation, breathing and focus exercises, journaling, dialoging, creative arts, yoga, tai chi, improvisation activities, and discussion groups. Monthly programs will include activities such as film discussions, field trips, and workshops. Members of the Mindful Living LLC will have frequent interaction with faculty members and peer mentors in order to support students in exploring and formulating methods of mindfulness and self-awareness that serve them best and are most aligned with their goals.

Is Mindful Living LLC religious?

Mindful Living LLC is not a "religious" community at all. It is not connected with any one religion, nor do we advocate or teach from any one spiritual tradition.



What are the Academic Requirements?

All students will register for a one-credit course in both the fall and the spring. The class is INTS 295 Explorations in Mindful Living, part I in the fall and part II in the spring.

What are the Other Requirements?

We are looking for positiveactive, engaged members of the community who want to be there and who will commit to participating in the programs and activities. Students should be committed to their own mindfulness practices and personal transformation as a student, and willing to positively contribute to and recognize the value in cultivating a community of mindfully aware and compassionate people.

Joining the LLC

I will be an upperclassman (sophomore, junior, senior) next year. How do I sign up?

Click here.

I will be a first-year student (freshman) next year. How do I sign up?

Click here.

Why do I need to fill out an application?

Anyone who wants to become a member of the Mindful Living community must complete a housing application and then complete the LLC section of the application including two short essay reflections, because it provides you not only with the requirements but also gives us the opportunity to learn more about you.

How do I get more information?

Contact Mark Thurston, Director of Educational Programs, at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being: or 703-993-1352
or visit us on the Web at

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