Masterful Coaching Course – Program Requirements

Masterful Coaching Course – Program Requirements

Masterful Coaching Course

Masterful Coaching Course graduates will complete the following synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Synchronous Activities

There are a total of 16 synchronous class sessions during the course, as outlined in the schedule below. Synchronous meetings consist of the following:

  1. Once monthly 4-hour in-depth education sessions
  2. Once monthly 2-hour and 15-minute MCC coaching demo and distinctions sessions
  3. Once monthly 2-hour and 15-minute practice coaching labs with feedback
  4. Three one-on-one mentor coaching sessions (one hour each)

Asynchronous Activities

Throughout the five-month practicum, you will need to dedicate time to your learning outside of the classroom. Your self-directed learning includes:

  1. Three rounds of practice coaching in triads. Practice coaching triads may choose to meet during the weeks that synchronous class sessions are not held.
  2. Transcription and self-review of triad coaching recordings
  3. Regular reflection posts to the course Blackboard Discussion Board
  4. Self-directed mindfulness practices
  5. Self-development Project work

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Blackboard is a learning management software (LMS) that you can access through your web browser. You will find your course information on our Blackboard course site, including assignments, handouts for class, readings, and additional resources. We recommend you review the Blackboard information and FAQs to familiarize yourself with the platform before the course begins. This is the URL for Blackboard: You will log in with your George Mason University credentials. Click on Courses to find our course, Masterful Coaching Course: Cohort 2.

Virtual Classroom Information

We will use Zoom as our virtual classroom for the course. You will need to create a free Zoom account at and download the Zoom app in advance. You can access Zoom tutorials at 

Attendance and Class Participation

100% attendance is required

You must attend each class session to earn a certificate for this program. If extenuating circumstances cause you to need to miss a class, you must let us know in advance by sending an email to

Self-Development Project

At the MCC level of coaching, the coach’s way of being plays a considerable role in the partnership and flow of the coaching relationship. This project is a self-directed activity to support you in reflection, ongoing learning, and confidence to embody your authentic self into your coaching offer. You will do the research to find and explore the resources that best challenge and support you. Resources could include, but are not limited to: Books, articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, assessments, exercises, surveys and interviews.

Suggested areas of exploration for this project are:  Coaching Strengths and Opportunities, Learning and Communication Style, Culture and Context Influence, Values and Beliefs, and Mindfulness, shadow work, healing work, spiritual work, or something else.  This is your chance to intentionally look inward to learn more about yourself and increase your capacity to hold space for others.

Each participant will share their self-development project during the final session of this course. You must complete the Resource Sharing Document and email it to by 5:00 PM ET on February 20, 2024.

Mentor Coaching Individual Sessions

Each participant must complete three 1:1 mentor coaching sessions prior to the final day of class. All participants must use at least one of the mentor coaching sessions for review of a 30-minute recording and transcript. 

Discussion Board

Discussion Board is a communication tool on Blackboard that will allow you to connect with other students in the course. Your active participation in the various Discussion Board forums will help to synthesize your learning and build your network. It is important for participants to reflect each week. Reflections must be completed by the Sunday following a session. The Discussion Board posts can only be viewed from Blackboard and are not publicly accessible.

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