Masterful Coaching Course – Program Requirements

Masterful Coaching Course – Program Requirements

Masterful Coaching Course

Masterful Coaching Course graduates will complete the following synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Synchronous activities:

  • Fully attend all class sessions
  • Watch MCC coach demonstrations and label masterful coaching distinctions
  • Participate in observed coaching sessions during in-class practice labs. Practice coaching labs count toward the ICF’s group mentor coaching requirement for the MCC credential
  • Complete three 1:1 mentor coaching sessions with an MCC Coach Mentor

Asynchronous activities:

  • Complete self-directed reading, assignments, and experiential exercises, including mindfulness practices
  • Participate in regular reflections online using the Blackboard Discussion Board
  • Complete three rounds of coaching in triads, including transcription, review, and self-assessment of your triad recordings
  • Complete a Self-Development Project

Triad Coaching with Transcripts, Recordings, and Self-Assessments

There will be three rounds of triad coaching outside of synchronous class time. The triad will meet for a total of 3 hours each round. Each participant will take turns being coach, coachee, and observer. Each hour will follow this path:

  • The coach will set coaching intent with the observer
  • When the coach and the coachee are ready, they will record a 30-minute session
  • Coaches will reflect on their intention and the session
  • The coachee will reflect on what worked well and what resonated and deepened the coaching session
  • The observer will offer feedback about coaching intention and observations

After coaches have recorded a session, they will have it transcribed and do a thorough self-assessment to be submitted to their faculty mentor coach to review for the mentor coaching session.

One-on-One Mentor Coaching Sessions

Each participant will meet a minimum of three times with a faculty member for one-on-one mentor coaching. These sessions will focus on the growth and development of the student coach and may include a review of a recording, live coaching between the mentor coach and student coach, or a deeper dive into questions, barriers, bias, or whatever the student coach deems helpful.

​Self-Development Project

Participants will explore their personal journey to knowing their own unique “being” as coaches as it evolves over the course of the program. The project integrates the individual personal learning and discovery/expression of authentic presence. Through weekly inquiry, reflection, self-directed exercises, books, articles, and/or podcasts, participants will create a creative depiction of their evolution as a coach and present this in our final session as a cohort. Topics for the self-development project might include, but is not limited to:

  • Coaching strengths and opportunities
  • Learning and communication styles (somatic, visual, cognitive, auditory, energetic, etc.)
  • Influence of culture and context (a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens for coaching)
  • Values Matrix
  • Mindfulness practices

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