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Ellen Fulton, MCC, CMC

Ellen Fulton
Ellen Fulton, MCC, CMC

Ellen Fulton is a Master Certified Coach with extensive experience working with thousands of leaders across five continents and a myriad of industry sectors. She challenges clients to do their own inner work with the understanding that success is directly proportional to self-awareness.

With a deep understanding of the power of coaching, Ellen expanded her passion for transformational growth toward teaching and mentoring coaches. As Associate Faculty at George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being and Managing Principal of the Washington Coaching Group, Ellen Fulton has stepped up to create and lead several outstanding coach education offerings including the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program, Conversations2Mastery, and the Masterful Coaching Course practicum. Additionally, she serves as senior advisor to two other coaching programs, teaching and mentoring faculty and participants as time permits.

Ellen believes that coaching is a complex choreography of skills and awareness that all must come together at the same time. It requires the coach to be conscious of herself and deeply connected to the client, enabling her to pick up on language, non-verbal cues, energy, and what is not being said. This process requires the coach to have a great deal of personal awareness and ability to observe herself, her biases, and her contribution to the conversation while holding everything that is going on with the client. These skills are amplified as a coach progresses from the early stages of coach development through the journey to coaching mastery. This incredible process has become a calling for Ellen who has now contributed to the growth and certification of hundreds of coaches at all levels of credentialling to include MCC.

In her free time, Ellen is a photographer and an avid scuba diver with a Master Diver Certification. In the future she would like to combine her passions to create experiential learning opportunities for people to cultivate their awareness. This could include offerings such as “lessons from the deep” combining diving and coaching or “shifting apertures” combining photography and coaching.

Jennifer Starr, MCC, CMC

Jennifer Starr, MCC, CMC

Jennifer has a passion for partnering with coaches and leaders who are committed to evolving themselves and their impact through ongoing personal and professional development, finding and reclaiming their authentic voice and clarity of purpose, and influencing positive change in the world.

One of her loves is to support coaches in finding their own unique style of coaching artfulness, starting from the inside out. In deepening self-awareness through self-reflective practices and collaborative conversations, they can more effectively serve others and inspire sustainable change.

Jennifer has been coaching, mentor coaching, and coach educating for over 20 years, achieving her Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential in 2010. A veteran in the field, she has over 5000 hours of coaching experience and has been an associate faculty member at InviteCHANGEÒ delivering coach education since 2002, with a more recent focus on advanced coaching skills courses and mentor coach certification.

In 2019, Jennifer partnered with Ellen Fulton, MCC to offer a fresh approach and deeper dive for PCC-level coaches to take their coaching to the mastery level. This ICF level 3 program called Masterful Coaching Course through the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University offers a practicum-style learning environment where coaches learn and grow through evolving conversations with colleagues, practice, feedback, and MCC demonstrations.

Jennifer has been a successful entrepreneur for over 35 years, working in a variety of industries globally. She integrates a diversity of modalities and skills into her work, weaving creativity, spirituality, vision and imagination into all aspects of her work with others, to open up new pathways to awareness and raise consciousness on the planet.  Though she is a gypsy at heart and travels extensively, her home base is in the small mountain town of Sisters, Oregon, where she enjoys nature, hiking, photography and painting.

To learn more, please contact our center at: coaching@gmu.edu or 703-993-6090.