Mason’s Guidebooks on Mental Health and Well-Being, and Students with Disabilities

mental health and well-being

Read Mason’s guidebooks that support mental health and well-being, and students with disabilities:

The Mental Health and Well-Being Guidebook and one-page summary provide faculty, staff, and students with critical information to dispel myths about mental health and to address language that may create barriers to seeking help.

The Access, Equity, and Inclusion for Students with Disabilities Guidebook and one-page summary guide faculty and staff on how to work with students who need accommodations by providing guidelines, key terms, laws and policies, examples, and resources to help with inclusion and the breaking down of barriers.

Mason presents these guides in support of Patriots Thriving Together, the Mason-wide initiative to improve the mental health and well-being of our university community. All Mason community members – students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni – can discover a range of resources designed to improve their mental health and well-being on the Patriots Thriving Together website.