Resilience Badge

As a student at George Mason University, you can strengthen your resilience and overall well-being by earning a Resilience Badge. This badge is also available for Mason faculty and staff.

“Mason’s Resilience Badge was an inspiring experience that pushed me to become more aware of growing and being a better person…” – A Mason student who earned the badge

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Strengthen your resilience and overall well-being by earning Mason’s Resilience Badge. This learning opportunity will allow you to develop your resilience, so you can manage fear and stress well. It will also give you a valuable digital credential you can feature on your resume. You can earn the Resilience Badge for free, through a flexible online curriculum, at your own pace.

Mason’s Resilience Badge will allow you to build your resilience through content knowledge and practices, all of which are backed by the science of resilience. Deepening your own knowledge in these areas and honing your self-awareness will allow your thinking to become more flexible, more adaptable, and more creative. This will help you when it comes to solving problems, making decisions, and building the life you want. Completing this program will contribute to your ability to thrive in college and beyond.

Badge Content

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover what resilience is.
  • Engage resilience through a growth mindset.
  • Deepen your understanding of optimism to benefit resilience.
  • Explore fear in the context of resilience.
  • Find ways to respond to stress from a place of resilience.

The six modules will conclude with the development of an Individual Resilience Plan that will help you to think about resilience beyond this badge experience. This plan will support you in continuing to develop your resilience and to leverage it in reaching your goals (personal, professional, and/or academic).

By successfully completing each module, you will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of resilience.
  • Define what resilience means in everyday life.
  • Explain how you will use resilience to further your personal and professional growth.

Earning the Badge

By completing the requirements for each module, you will receive a Resilience Badge through our badging partner, Credly. This shareable, digital file is one that you can list on your resume, add to your LinkedIn account, and use to distinguish your skillset from that of others. Resilience has been identified as a key self-management skill that employers are looking for in employees, so the ability to speak to the nuances of resilience and to provide evidence of your resilience can benefit your overall professional development.

How to Enroll

The workshop content is accessible via an organization in Blackboard.

To enroll in the organization, send your name, G#, and Mason email address to

You can also self-enroll with your Mason NetID and password. If you choose the self-enroll option, once you are logged in, simply select Submit (bottom right of your screen).

Questions? Learn more on our Resilience Badge FAQ page.

Fall 2023 Course Options for Mason Students

Mason students, you can register now to earn the Resilience Badge and receive academic credit through either of these two courses during the fall 2023 semester.:

  • UNIV 170 CRN 79137, October 19-November 30, Thursdays, 12 noon to 1:15 p.m., online via Zoom
  • UNIV 370 CRN 79138, October 19-November 30, Thursdays, 12 noon to 1:15 p.m., online via Zoom

Resilience Badge Testimonials

Enjoy this playlist of video testimonials from Mason students and employees who have earned the Resilience Badge!

Read more about what students have to say in this article and in the testimonials below:

  • “This is a great learning experience to improve on self-discovery and how to overcome adversity.”
  • “If you are looking for an opportunity to build your resilience capacity and get to know yourself on a deeper level, this is a great workshop for that.”
  • “I have shared the badge on my LinkedIn profile and I’m planning to talk about the experience and what I gained from it in my interviews.”
  • “I hope to improve my chances of acquiring a job, as having a unique certificate will make me stand out.”
  • “I will definitely use the content learned in job interviews where similar situations will apply.”
  • “Mason’s Resilience Badge was an inspiring workshop that pushed me to become more aware about growing and being a better person, even if resiliency is a lifelong journey (as are many things).”
  • “I think a common theme throughout this course has been that resilience is a constant battle. It’s not something you can ever be truly comfortable in 100 percent of the time, but by building resilient habits and maintaining a sort of “toolbox” we can make maintaining resilience an easier task.”
  • “My resilience has grown because I’ve come to care more about the topic at hand. At first, this was just another assignment to complete. By now, I find myself actively trying to utilize some of the tips and to make sure I get something out of it.”
  • “Through the six modules, I have learned to become more resilient and aware of what exactly being resilient means in my experience. I think that at first, I was unaware of how broadly the term can be applied, and having gone through the modules, I am more aware of the nuances surrounding the term.”
  • “I have been resilient in learning to challenge myself with harder and deeper questions. My resilience has grown because I have learned to think about things differently and with more detail. I have learned to challenge myself, my ways, my thinking, and my relationship with others.”