Coaching Alumni Testimonials

Coaching Alumni Testimonials

Many of our Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being alumni have shared how becoming coaches has brought positive change to their lives.

Enjoy these success stories from our coaching program alumni:

* Susan Paley

* Amy Armstrong

Steve Reza

Betsy Quint-Moran

Valerie Franco

Preston Peterson

Melanie Fenwick

Ralph Plaskett

Gary Phillips

Asya Grigoryan

Leslie Schreiber

Marti Taylor

Lori Rhoades

Cindy Whitmoyer

Some other alumni comments on our coaching program:

“The program is transformational! It was an amazing class and all of the instructors were so knowledgeable and engaged with the class. All six modules were packed with so much information and relevant coaching frameworks to help us become effective coaches. We were able to apply the knowledge that we learned in each module to help reinforce the learning during coaching sessions and learning labs. I highly recommend this program!” – Connie Klein, director, enterprise organizational change management, General Dynamics Information Technology

“The program was amazing. The faculty is world-class and the experience is like nothing I have ever been through. It blends personal well-being with coach training and resilience. Truly awesome.” – Josh Delmonico, branch chief, Army Geospatial Center

“This program offers a perfect blend of learning, personal growth, and application. I have been involved in coaching for years but in this program I learned so much about how to coach and I have experienced the value coaching brings to others. And on a personal level, I became healthier and more resilient thanks to the practices in this program. I know I will bring that better me to my family and my coaches from now on.” – Jennifer Copeland, manager, leadership development and organizational effectiveness, Freddie Mac

“The course is truly transformative. I recommend this course for anyone with the courage to change how you make meaning and exist in the world. The instructors are passionate about coaching, dedicated to your learning, and the top in this field. After completing this course I am confident in my ability to assist leaders and organizations evolve and attain greater success.” – Valerie Franco, leadership development coach and trainer, FWMomentum

“The program has changed my life and helped me to change the lives and direction of leaders in their organization. I have new skills and tools that I will use as a coach and in all of my relationships. This program has launched me on a journey of learning and discovery about what leadership is, how to help others become more effective leaders, and consider the type of leader I want to be.” – Laura Lenz, associate, Pherson Associates LLC

“Becoming a coach has become the first milestone of this new life I am living with a renewed sense of purpose. I am confident that Mason’s coaching program has given me the building blocks I need to succeed as a coach and in life.” – Sterling Brinson, project management leader and owner, Sterling Brinson Coaching LLC

“I highly recommend the program for anyone considering leadership coaching. In the process of learning to ‘be’ a coach, I also had tremendous personal growth. The instructors were experts in their respective fields and empathetic to the learning process. I was attracted to the GMU program due to the well-being component that was included and that led to complete personal transformation as well as providing a strong foundation as a coach. Thanks to the program, I am a terrific coach.” – Cindy Legg, coach, Legg Consulting Group

“Can’t thank the faculty and program team enough for this amazing experience. I look forward to more courses with the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being and I’m excited to stay connected as an alumnus.” – Lisa O’Rourke, marketing director, George Mason University Executive and Professional Education

“The program has helped me to become a better version of myself … It gave me all the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to start my own practice as a coach.” – Asya Grigoryan, human resources leader

“My classmates and the faculty were extraordinary. Parts of me I did not know existed were brought to life in the nurturing environment.” – Gary Phillips, U.S. Army defense intelligence

“Not only did I learn the skills necessary to be a fantastic coach, but I also gained a deeper understanding of myself, and what I wanted to commit my life’s work to – human transformation.” – Ralph Plaskett, founder, Plaskett Institute

“I really appreciated the well-being aspect of it … It showed me the importance of slowing down and reflecting on who we are as leaders and what changes we want to make in our lives.” – Leslie Schreiber, leadership and culture consultant, Schreiber Training

“This remarkable program brought me ‘home’ to a way of being in the world now and a way forward that I have always known yet never fully had the integrated framework, skill sets, and vocabulary to bring greatest impact into the world. … As a coach I am already impacting lives who will in turn impact thousands of lives for generations to come. What a legacy gift to ourselves.” – Greg Finch, executive coach and director of collaborative learning, Wild Geese Among Us

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