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Coaching Alumni Profiles: Amy Armstrong

by Whitney Hopler, Communications Manager

Well-being skills are vital for leaders, said Amy Armstrong, a leadership coach who helps families resolve conflict productively. “The higher the well-being of the leader, the more able the leader is to recognize the real needs and strengths of those she leads. Anything to do with well-being makes us more in-tune with ourselves and those we serve.”

After learning about coaching from a well-being perspective, Armstrong said, she was able to strengthen her success as a coach. Many of Armstrong’s clients at the Center for Family Resolution are dealing with stressful situations, such as separation, divorce, co-parenting issues, and conflicted domestic court battles. The well-being skills that Armstrong gained in Mason’s Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program have helped her empower clients, she said. “My coaching practice is more centered on partnering with the client now. I have a better understanding and commitment to true client empowerment; embracing their choices and taking their lead in sessions.”

The desire to make positive change happen was what motivated Armstrong to become a coach. “Change starts within,” she said. “I am motivated by the treasure hunt, discovering the gems that inspire people to make transformational change. I can’t give someone what they need for growth, only inspire them to let loose of limiting beliefs holding them back. Once I experienced coaching for myself, I saw the powerful impact it could have on others.”

During her time in Mason’s coaching program, said Armstrong, she especially enjoyed learning in small groups. “The time in small groups coaching each other were magical. We connected so authentically. As much as I enjoyed the insights from our whole-group sessions, the small groups were the highlights. We worked in learning labs and received feedback on our practice coaching that was especially inspiring.”

Participating in an upcoming coaching cohort is a valuable investment for people to make in their professional and personal lives, Armstrong said. “Coaching is an effective and efficient way to get to the heart of the matter in business, families and in life. The ‘a-ha’ moments bring so much life to ordinary moments. The training program at Mason honors the highest integrity for coaches to bring our own self-awareness in every coaching conversation.”

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