Applied Activities

Acts of Kindness Calendar

At George Mason University, we hope to inspire change one small act of kindness at a time.

To celebrate, we created a monthly calendar challenge inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to encourage daily acts of kindness in our community. Post a photo with a description of your daily act of kindness and include the hashtag #MasonChoosesKindness to showcase your acts of kindness! For an interactive PDF please click here.

Gratitude Challenge Sample Activities

Choose Kindness Challenge

  • Modeled after the month-long well-being challenge
  • November—in celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13
  • Create a calendar with daily acts of kindness. Participants could post their acts of kindness (with pics/video, if possible) on social media with the MCK graphic and/or #ChooseKindness, #ChooseKindnessChallenge, #MasonKindnessChallenge, etc, and we would choose a few to share in each publication of The George.
  • Volunteer with Grace Covenant Church outreach team: Mobile Hope truck, making care packages, and writing encouragement cards (see attached schedule). Contact: Wanda Broom,
  • Check out Mason’s HR & Payroll Recognition Toolkit.
  • Print and place MCK logo on Mason food pantry bags.
  • Engage professors via the Stearns Center.
  • Create MCK videos with students.
  • Develop ideas for first year residential students to connect as some may feel isolated.

MCK Bingo

With the goal of DOING AT LEAST ONE ACT OF KINDNESS PER DAY, use this Bingo Card as inspiration!

MCK Bingo game