Sophrology for Students: Concentration, Focus, and Learning

College can be stressful. Our center teaches Mason students a powerful well-being practice called sophrology that can help you relieve stress and focus well on your learning experiences in college. Using the relaxation and concentration techniques that are part of sophrology, you can boost the well-being of both your body and your mind.

Practicing sophrology involves techniques such as breathing, movement, muscle relaxation, mental imagery, and meditation. Sophrology can greatly alleviate stress and fatigue, improving your confidence, concentration, and memorization capabilities. Those benefits can strengthen your ability to learn well in college overall.

Sophrology’s popularity has been spreading around the world since professor and neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo created and developed it in Spain several decades ago. Dr. Caycedo believed that human physical and psychological aspects are inseparably linked, and that the body is the ideal instrument for developing or training memory.

Since sophrology exercises connect you with your body, sophrology practices can help you enjoy a relaxed body and a calm mind in any situation. A calm and relaxed mind precedes a focused and concentrated state, which accelerates the learning process.

In sophrology, the body plays a special role in growing your awareness. The technique focuses deeply on body sensations and perceptions as a way to conquer a new state of awareness through the practice. Through different body positions (standing or sitting), using the voice and sound, visualization, or the alternation of stillness and movement, you are encouraged to notice and access subtle awareness of your biological self, expanding your ability to connect with yourself, your vital life force, and your life values.

You can practice sophrology with a qualified sophrologist or on your own. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, either alone or in a group, without requiring any special tools.

Research on the Benefits of Sophrology

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Learn More about Sophrology

For more information about sophrology, contact our center’s Well-Being Program Specialist Ayce Bukulmeyen Ozerdem at

We will announce upcoming sophrology sessions soon.