Resilience Badge FAQ

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How do I enroll in the Resilience Badge?

The workshop content is accessible in the Organizations portion of Blackboard. There are two enrollment options:

  • To enroll in the organization, send your name, G#, and Mason email address to
  • You can also self-enroll with your Mason NetID and password. If you choose the self-enroll option, once you are logged in, simply select Submit (bottom right of your screen).


What do I have to do to earn the badge?

To earn the Resilience Badge, you must complete the following:

  • Pre-Assessment (Module 1)
  • Post-Assessment (Module 6)
  • Knowledge Checks (Modules 1-4)
  • Individual Resilience Plan (Module 6)

While there are other components to each module, they will not be tracked or monitored to determine eligibility for earning the Resilience Badge. That said, we strongly recommend that you complete all of the components of each module, as they are designed for your benefit. You won’t have a full sense of the tools for success in developing resilience if you skip around. Moreover, if you skip around, you’ll have a more challenging time completing the Individual Resilience Plan, as it’s meant as a synthesis opportunity for you to make personal meaning from the learning.

Do I have to complete each module at one time?

We want this experience to be flexible. If you want to do everything for Module 1 in a single sitting and then come back two weeks later for Module 2 and so on, do that. If you don’t have time to complete each module in a single sitting, break it up in a way that works for you. You can start and come back later. Just be sure to complete the modules in order. Even though the modules are self-contained, they build on each other.

Do I have to attend in-person workshops to earn the Resilience Badge?

Attendance at workshops is not required for the Resilience Badge. The Resilience Badge is a fully online, asynchronous experience organized into six individual modules. This means you can complete the program anytime that works for you. You don’t have to worry about class or employment conflicts.

I just heard about the Resilience Badge but the semester is already underway; can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely! The program is asynchronous, so you can join the organization and get started at any point throughout the semester.  Send your name, G#, and Mason email address to or follow the self-enrollment instructions to access the material. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to all of the modules. Take your time. Don’t feel rushed to finish them all at once. We do, however, recommend that you complete the Resilience Badge within a single semester. If you’re starting late, just come up with a plan for completing it before the semester ends. If you need help accessing the materials or coming up with a plan, contact us at

I signed up for the Resilience Badge, but now I don’t think I have time to complete the work. What do I do?

This co-curricular opportunity does not appear on your transcript, so it’s not something that you have to drop or withdraw from if you find you don’t have the time to complete it. That said, we want students to benefit from this unique learning opportunity. If you are struggling with the content or the online assignments, contact Lewis Forrest (, Associate Dean of University Life, or Katie Clare (, Associate Director for Resilience Programs to discuss your challenges and to come up with a completion plan that will work for you. You can also contact us at

Where does the badge “live” and what can I do with it after I’ve completed the Resilience Badge? How do I access it?

As authorized by the Education Design Lab, the badge “lives” on the platform Acclaim. Once students complete the required components, we will provide instructions for accessing their badge electronically. These instructions will include information about sharing it to social media profiles, such as LinkedIn.

Students should explore the resources available to them through Acclaim to explore career opportunities and job postings that identify resilience as a desired characteristic.