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What to Feel Happier?  Science Says Try Being More Generous

According to social psychologists, scientists suggest that being generous with others is a more effective way to feel joy. To find joy in giving, one must feel connected with the people or cause they’re helping. People must see the impact of their generosity, and they feel like they have a choice to give. In difficult times, don’t give up on helping others. Happiness and the joy that comes from giving is an ongoing journey you must think about at each fork in the road.

Former U.S.  Suregon General on the Front Line of Another Health Crisis – Loneliness

Around 60% of American adults reported that they struggled with loneliness in a 2020 survey. Former U.S Surgeon General, Dr. Murphy, dedicated many years to study loneliness and its impacts on communities. When we feel disconnected from people, we become hyper-vigilant, more likely to perceive threats around us. Our self-esteem erodes, and our physical health can decline.

Being Well Self Compassion with Kristin Neff

This episode explores the nature of self-compassion and personal growth. It can be hard to perform and be your best when you’re not kind and supportive to yourself. Dr. Kristen Neff tells listeners why self-compassion is important, and how to practice self-compassion naturally in a day.

Self-Kindness by Kristin Neff

In this video, Dr. Kristin Neff sits down to talk about self-kindness, the second part of self- compassion. According to Dr. Neff, “the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.”

Common Humanity by Kristin Neff

In this video, Dr. Kristin Neff sits down to talk about how accepting conditions and hardships outside our control allows us to see our common humanity in others.

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MCK Student Ambassadors video: Production by Christian White (BA, Communication, with an Information Technology minor, ‘21)

MCK 2021-2022 Highlights video: Production by Leonard Collins (BA, Film and Video Studies, ‘20) – Photos submitted by various members of the Mason Chooses Kindness Committee