About Our Leadership Certificate Programs

About Our Leadership Certificate Programs

Our center's Leading to Well-Being leadership programs offer organizations a distinctive well-being approach to leadership training that gets powerful results. Organizations that flourish in today’s complex and global world rely on leaders with the resilience, skills, and commitment to tackle 21st century challenges. We develop leaders with those vital competencies.

Leading to Well-Being programs empower people to discover and use their strengths and core values for success. The result is that they learn to enjoy their work and perform well. Leaders who emerge from our programs become agents of positive change who can transform their entire organizations by inspiring confidence, building high-performing teams, and enhancing employee engagement. Both aspiring and experienced leaders can learn how to use the greatness within them to help make their organizations great. 

We are currently enrolling for:

* The Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program

Cohort 7: September 2019 to January 2020 (application deadline is July 15, 2019)

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* Customized programs

To discuss customizing a leadership program for your organization, please contact our center at: lead2wb@gmu.edu or 703-993-6090.

Students leave our programs with:

  • Greater resilience in the face of complexity
  • Practical skills
  • Firm grounding in research
  • A clear sense of self-awareness
  • Ready to contribute at a new level of knowledge and perspective
  • A deeper sense of purpose and vision

Our distinctive approach:

  • Short, intensive courses that focus on an individual's distinctive strengths and how to apply them to solve organizational challenges
  • Individual coaching and ongoing leadership development
  • Continued connections with participants after they're back on the job to refresh their skills and keep them energized
  • Programs tailored to different levels of management, with a specialty in training entry- and mid-level professionals who aspire to senior leadership positions

We offer a variety of Leading to Well-Being programs to meet your specific organizational needs and empower leaders at every level in your workplace.

To learn more about any of our current programs or customized opportunities, please contact our center at: lead2wb@gmu.edu or 703-993-6090.

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