Rx Racial Healing Circles

Rx Racial Healing Circles

What are Rx Racial Healing Circles?

Rx Racial Healing Circles (RHCs), created by our center's Senior Scholar Dr. Gail Christopher while at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, are founded on the principles of jettisoning the hierarchy of human value and narrative change through storytelling. The uniqueness of RHCs come from their focus on health, well-being, agency, inclusion, and our common humanity.

Circles are designed for community building and racial awareness. This framework is rooted in spiritual and community-sustaining models in many indigenous cultures. The power of the RHC experience comes from sharing stories – telling personal stories (taking us to the heart space) rather than simply relating to an event (the mind space). Circle participants often can see their own experiences in the stories of others, which helps us to see ourselves in one another.

Racial healing is an ongoing process beyond an individual circle experience. As such, we recommend that individuals engage in multiple racial healing and transformation activities for long-term, immersive learning.  Click here to learn more about the background of Racial Healing Circles.

How Can I Participate?

Our Spring 2021 open enrollment circles are full. However, you can sign up here to be the first to know about future open enrollment RHC dates or request an RHC in a closed enrollment format here for a specific Mason department, organization, or unit.

What is the Time Commitment?

We strongly recommend three hours for a circle experience, which allows for participants to fully share their stories while creating a safe space where everyone is appreciated and affirmed. While this originally was designed as an in-person activity, we follow Mason’s COVID procedures and offer this experience virtually via Zoom until further notice.

Who Are the Facilitators?

The RHC facilitators are Mason faculty and staff. Many of our RHC facilitators received training directly from Dr. Gail Christopher, the architect of Rx Racial Healing Circles and a Senior Scholar at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being.

Every RHC is co-facilitated and models the diversity and narrative of the RHC facilitators.