Thriving Together Series

Thriving Together Series: Mason BurnAlong Resources for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

By: Lewis Forrest, Associate Dean of University Life, and Mark Alexander, Customer Success Manager at BurnAlong

“Every journey begins with a single step.” Maya Angelou    

At Mason, we define well-being as building lives of vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement. Taking good care of mental and emotional health is a vital part of achieving those goals. Through Mason’s partnership with BurnAlong, you can access a wealth of free online resources on topics such as stress management and mindfulness meditation, to help you strengthen your mental and emotional well-being.

BurnAlong is a pioneering online platform that offers thousands of on-demand well-being classes and programs on many topics, from physical fitness to mindfulness meditation. Along with inspiring content, BurnAlong provides social support to keep users active and engaged. Free of charge, Mason students and employees can access hundreds of well-being videos anytime, anywhere after registering. They can invite friends to join them online for any class. Mason community members have also created and recorded BurnAlong classes. BurnAlong members can search for those classes to enjoy Mason-specific content on the platform.

BurnAlong offers flexible options to you where you are on the journey to improve your mental and emotional well-being. You can start with something as simple as taking a stress management class for 5 minutes on BurnAlong. Anytime and anywhere, you can use BurnAlong to take time out from your busy schedule to invest in yourself and enjoy being fully present in the moment. Think about how you can build a few minutes into your daily schedule regularly to focus on your mental well-being. You deserve it!

It takes consistency and time to achieve and maintain good physical well-being. It’s the same with mental and emotional well-being, which deserve the same attention. During the pandemic, our mental and emotional well-being has been tested. These times have presented a new level of uncertainty and stress in all areas of life. To manage and persevere through these challenging times, it is imperative for everyone to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being and take the necessary actions to strengthen this area.

Mason BurnAlong Videos on Mental and Emotional Well-Being

You can start anytime and anywhere to try out different mental and emotional well-being practices through BurnAlong videos. Here are just a few examples of mindfulness meditation and stress management videos you can try after logging into BurnAlong:

  • Guided Relaxation during Uncertain Times
  • Mindfulness: Compassion during a Difficult Time
  • COVID Quick Tip for Well-Being: Breathing
  • Mindfulness Stress Reducer Micro Course
  • Powerful Habits for Stressful Times
  • How to Quickly Get Out of Overwhelm
  • Mason Counseling and Psychological Services Covid Self-Care

Additional Resources

This BurnAlong video from University Life presents an overview of BurnAlong.

Mason’s Counseling and Psychological Services provides appointments, crisis support, drop-in mental health workshops, and more.

Learn how you can help people dealing with a mental health crisis, through Mason’s Mental Health First Aid Training.

Take a well-being break on weekdays at noon for Mindful Mason Moments mindfulness sessions.

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